Name : Summary
Objective : Summary of Flood Relief Activities 2011
Details : Distribution:Food distribution                           69,011,240

Tents distribution                          30,360,000

Construction of Houses                  10,500,000

Cloth distribution                           3,652,500

Medical camps                               119,000

Trasportation charges                     221,000

Duties and taxes                            870,629

Travelling                                      591,805

Other expenses                              658,282


Name : Sanghar
Objective : Distribution of winter cloths and dry milk for kids in flood(2011) effected areas.
Details :
  • Quilts                   500
  • Blankets               300
  • Dry Milk (500gm)   300 packets
  • Shoes                   300

Beneficiaries :   1100 persons.


Name : Nowshera
Objective : Shelter, food and medical help
Details : Distribution:

  • Benares Baba, an aged local, homeless person was provided with a house at a cost of 5, 00,000.
  • Rs 34, 10,610 were provided to ADF (Alfalah Development Foundation) for the capacity building training of 300 women in 4 months.
  • Rs 10 million was provided to FDF (Promise to serve) to construct 100 houses for the flood affected people

Beneficiaries:       400 families were benefitted.


Name : Charsada
Objective : Food and medicines
Details : Distribution:

  • 1 truckload of food was sent to Charsadda. The truck also included the donation from Tahir Qureshi and the goods were transported through  our funds.
  • Noorani Trust arranged a medical camp at Wasay Abad Charsada. We provided them medicines worth 3,00,000 besides blankets, quilts and pillows worth 3,75,000.


Name : D.i.khan
Objective : To provide food, shelter and medical help.
Details : Distribution:

  • 2,000 food bags were purchased from Utility Store Corporation for the flood affectees.
  • Cartons of milk, packs of water bottles, and dry biscuits were sent to Faisal Kareem Kundi for distribution. Our teams of volunteers were there at at the time of distribution. Exact numbers of goods sent is not available.
  • 2000 food bags were provided by Ayub Piracha and Rizwan Hafeez separately. These included flour, sugar, tea, soap, match box, oil, pulses, milk pack, candles and medicines
  • A team of doctors from PIMS was sent along with cameraman and a reporter. The camp was set up for 2 days. 600 patients were looked after in areas where outbreak of diseases such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis, excessive itching, ordinary wounds and eye infections were present
  • 2,000 slippers, 2,000 male shalwar kameez and 2,000 shawls were distributed.

Beneficiaries:       Around   20 thousand people were benefitted.


Name : Kohistan
Objective : To provide food.
Details : Distribution:

  • In Dubair Valley Umer Asghar Foundation distributed 300 packages of food for an estimated 4,000 people.
  • Transportation cost at Rs 180/ unit

Beneficiaries:       4 thousand people were benefitted.


Name : Balochistan
Objective : 50,000 people were affected. A total number of 5,000 patients were in the area who were provided with medical facilities, clothing, food and shelter.
Details : Distribution:

  • 2000 tents, (tarpaulin/water proof) were distributed in Quetta by the FC Balochistan.
  • 13,000 shawls were distributed
  • 50 sets of clothes were given out as donations.
  • Medicines worth 4 lakh were also donated by PF0WA (Pakistan Foreign Office Women Association) and were distributed.
  • 150 cartons of medicines were sent to Quetta and were donated by the UK Student Organization. Dr. Ambreen, a volunteer doctor from UK, used these medicines.
  • Medicines were purchased from Hilton Pharmacy and were delivered.
  • Dr. Zafar Hashmi donated medicines worth 2 lakhs.
  • Norvatus Pharmacy donated medicines worth 2 lakhs.
  • Rs 1.4 million worth water purification medicines were donated by Dr. Shoaib Chaudhary.
  • Food provided to FC Baluchistan for onwards distribution to10, 000 people.
  • A doctor’s team composed of 5 members was sent to Dera Murad Jamali and tickets worth 1,71,0000 were provided along with medicines.

Beneficiaries:       10 thousand people were benefitted.


Name : Kashmor
Objective : To provide low cost housing.
Details : Distribution:

  • U-Care Foundation was donated 50, 00,000 for the construction of houses, each unit cost Rs 1, and 75,000.


Name : Dadu
Objective : To provide shelter, food, and medicines.
Details : Distribution:

  • 1,000 tents were purchased from Babson Noller Corporation and provided to the flood affectees.
  • 1, 500 food bags were delivered.
  • 17 cartons of ORS and 3 Cartons of ORS bottles were provided

Beneficiaries:  4,500 people benefitted.


Name : Jacobabad
Objective : To provide shelter and food.
Details : Distribution:

  • 1,000 tents were purchased from Bobson Nollar Corporation
  • 3,000 food bags were purchased from Makro Habib

Beneficiaries: 1 lakh 50 thousands benefitted.

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