Name : Sukkur
Objective : Health and medicines
Details : Distribution:

  • A team of volunteer doctors from Lahore was sent to the area which included Dr. Faheem, Dr. Neelum and Dr. Haider. We provided them tickets worth Rs 61 thousand to get to Sukkur via Karachi.


Budget : 6,073,200
Objective : Food and shelter
Details : Distribution:

  •  3,000 food bags were distributed.  The bags had been purchased through Makro Habib, Karachi
  • 5,000 shawls were provided
  • 2,000 slippers delivered for males and 500 for children donated by Ahmad Zubairi from Aaj Tv.
  • 60 food bags were donated by the Iqra Education Trust and sent to Rashid Rajgar, secretary of Ms Sassi Palejo. Each bag contained ghee, flour, rice, dry milk, Kenya tea, biscuits, dates, pulses, biscuits, candle, match box, surf and soap
  • 20 cartons of pulses were donated by AM Hamid from Karachi and were sent to Rashid Rajgar, Secretary of Ms Sassi Palejo.
  • 2 doctors, Dr. Talha and his mother from Lahore were sent to Thatta by providing them with tickets, transport and accommodation

Beneficiaries:    Around 24 thousand were benefited.


Name : Shikarpur
Objective : To provide food and shelter.
Details : Distribution:

  • 1,500 food bags were purchased through Makro Habib and all of them were delivered.
  • 5,000 shawls were provided.
  • 800 tents were sent from Karachi. These were purchased from Babson Noller Corporation.
  • Food bags were sent to Etimad Pakistan, a partner organization. These wre sent by Mr Abbass from Abbotabad and were delivered to the affected people. The bags included biscuits, dry milk, rice, flour and milk packs.
  • 500 kg of rice was also delivered to Etimad Pakistan. This too came from Mr. Abbass.
  • 6000 one-liter bottles of water were donated by Ms Reema in Karachi and were sent to Etimad Pakistan, in Shikarpur.
  • 500 liters of water bottles by Mrs Ejaz were sent to Etimad Pakistan.
  • 4 cartons of medicines by Mrs Ejaz were sent to Etimad Pakistan.

Beneficiaries:  30 thousand, with 65% of the affected outside the 320 camps, benefited.


Name : Khairpur
Objective : Shelter, food bags clothing and shoes.
Details : Distribution:

  •  2,000 tents from H. Nizamdin and Sons had been purchased and all of them were delivered in Khairpur by our teams.
  • An additional 300 tents were purchased from Babson and Noller Corporation and were distributed by our teams.
  • 1,500 food bags were purchased from Makro Habib, Karachi. All were distributed. These composed of flour, sugar, oil, pulses, salt, chili powder, energile, biscuits, match box and tea packs
  • 5,000 shawls were provided along with 5,000 slippers. The transport cost for the distribution of the shoes was Rs 16,000.

Beneficiaries:  Around 25,000 people benefited from this distribution.


Name : Fatehjang
Objective : Vocational help and training for jobs
Details : Distribution:

  • 335 persons (15 to 23 years) were trained for future jobs in collaboration the with Tameer-e-Millet Foundation.

Beneficiaries:    The beneficiaries belonged to flood affected areas from all over the country. The courses and training lasted for 6 months and they were technically trained in the fields of electricity, house wiring, motor winding, plumbing, carpentering, masonry, steel fixing, welding, civil surveying, home appliances repairs, computers, tailoring etc.

Kotal Deewan

Name : Kotal Deewan
Objective : Shelter
Details : Distribution:

  • 300 tents were provided.

Beneficiaries:              Approximately 2400 people benefited from the distribution.


Name : Jampur
Objective : Food and water
Details : Distribution:


  • 3 cartons of ORS along with 3000 water purification tablets, 78 water bottles, and 516 water bottles (different size) were provided to NUPSA for distribution in Jampur.


Name :JhangFunded By :.Budget :,Objective :ShelterDetails :



  • 17 tents delivered in Jhang, donated by Iqra foundation. The tents were distributed by a team of volunteers.


Name : Muzafargarh
Objective : Food, shelter, medical help and immediate relief
Details : Distribution:


  • 2,000 food bags had been providedwhich composed of flour, rice, ghee, pulses, basun, sugar, dry milk, energile, tea pack, dates, salt, biscuits, red pepper, match box, life buoy and soap.


Beneficiaries:              Approximately 16000 people benefited from the distribution.


Name : Ranjanpur
Objective : Food and shelter
Details : Distribution:


  • 400 kg of rice was donated by Amir Sajjad from Sialkot and distributed by our teams of volunteers.
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