Aims And Purposes

Aims: Saach Foundation is a purely non-profit organisation with the specific aim of dealing with communities in distress, primarily those affected by natural or man-made disasters (floods, earthquakes, epidemics etc). Some of its projects have longer duration and go beyond meeting the immediate needs of the affected communities.

Purposes: The purpose of the Foundation is four folds: One, to speedily generate and direct funds for quick relief to the most needy groups (especially those in remote areas of the country) caught in impossible situations. This relief means food, shelter and medicines. Two, to direct public relief efforts towards the most affected areas with the help of timely release of information using multiple networks like websites, tv and radio programs, press clubs and local NGOs. Three, to educate the public about disaster management issues and raise the level of their awareness about such matters. Four, Saach has the aim to support more long-term activities for communities in absolute need after the disaster period is over. For instance, in floods, the need for shelter and medicines remains persistent long after the waters have receded. Similarly, the need for rehabilitation, financial and physical, of those impacted in earthquakes lingers on months after the disaster is over.